With your donation you’re helping us to develop our activities, to reach our objectives and to defend the rights of gay men, lesbians, transexuals and bisexuals. Your help is vital
The money you donate is used to print flyers, posters and banners, organize campaigns, maintain the website, pay for expert counsel when a legal suite is necessary, keep open our premises for events and activities and thus remain at the front of the fight for our rights

One time PAYPAL donation

If you wish to contribute a donation to support COGAM’s work and activities, yo may do so with an one time donation by card or bank account using PayPal.
NOTE: The PayPal buttons below open a form which is -by default- in Spanish language. After you change your country of residence (Pais), the form would be automatically translated to your language:

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or deposit/transfer the desired amount to:

COGAM Colectivo LGTB de Madrid
BANKIA (Caja de Madrid)
IBAN: ES45-2038-1141-6360-0087-7962



In Spain you may deduct 25% (25%of national share, or even more in selected autonomous regions) of your donations in your personal or corporate tax return, as COGAM is declared a Public Utility organization.
To benefit from deductions you must send proof of your donation with your personal data (Full name, address and I.D. or passport) to so that we can inform the Tax Administration about your donation.

Personal data are fully protected by law and will not be used in any way against the donor’s will.

+ info: GayInform/Línea Lesbos-Bi-Trans or at: 91 523 00 70