With people like you

We have organized different groups there you can share experiences and goals with people like you. Groups develop many activities: socializing, Information, and strategies to advance in equality and diversity. Groups are coordinated by volunteers and the attendance to meetings and events is free of charge, except when an activity entails costs (theater, meals, etc.) to be paid individually or collectively.
The Groups available at this moment are:

A relatively new group that adds to diversity. The group has broken many taboos on sexual orientation and organizes meetings to share experiences.

Support group for people diagnosed with HIV. Meetings of orientation and possibility of referral and counseling.

Young men and women who discover themselves and start learning about society and militancy.

Women who address their problems and gather to share experience and wisdom.

A varied group of people united by age. Many of them grew up in difficult times, but they all have a desire to socialize. The group meets every week and organizes many events.

Many parents have found support, information and companionship in a group created to help parents and children alike.

A group dealing with the many difficulties transexuals still find. Support, friendship and counseling.

Many different places to walk around Spain