Manifesto of Madrid – LGTB + people with HIV / AIDS

Since the appearance//onset of AIDS and HIV in the World, people living with HIV/AIDS have been one of the most stigmatized groups in society due to the threat to people and to society itself.
This threat is tangible, considering that HIV/aids is a communicable infectious disease and it is perceived as a threat to health and as a symbolic threat, because due to its origin associated with certain sexual practices and certain historical marginalized groups, threatens traditional values, ideology and morality, something that already demonstrated American activists in 1983 with the drafting of the so-called Denver Principles, a milestone in history that collected as community recommendations as rights for “People with AIDS”.
Throughout these years, have been achieved great medical progress, countries where access to antiretroviral treatment is regularly guaranteed, mortality rates from VIH/aids- related diseases have dropped drastically, getting better life´s quality, also the vertical transmission has been reduced almost to zero, moreover that suppose an effective method of sexual transmission prevent. However, related to Human Rights and despite the notable improvements we continue to encounter institutional and attitudinal barriers that prevent the enjoyment of rights and freedoms on an equal opportunity.
The struggle for the rights of people living with HIV/aids must continue with this line of work
The effective response to HIV / AIDS should not be based exclusively on the requirements of public health, but should also consider the requirements of Human Rights
We are aware that the disappearance of HIV/ AIDS-related stigma that turns around HIV/aids will contribute positively to the eradication of HIV/aids in the World, so a global response must be given by the International Community, a real political compromise based on Human Rights must be demanded since the protection of our health is a right and HIV and aids is a matter of International Public Health.
The Manifesto of Madrid aims to contribute on the building and strengthening of a culture based on the respect for Human Rights of LGTB+ people with HIV/aids, since the right to Education and to health protection and non-discrimination are essential rights for Human Development to be able to live with dignity and free of stigma.

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