COGAM (get to know all details of our organization) develops many projects to  create awareness and foster the visibility of the diverse LGBT+ community. For example: instant HIV test, lectures in schools to inform about sexual and gender diversity, an information service for the LGBT+ community, etc.
This work could not be carried out without the help of our members and volunteers, and you can become one of them.
A monthly membership fee of 11€ is required for general membership. Persons under 25 may ask for a  reduced rate of only 6€.
Ours is a Public Interest Organization and therefore members enjoy a 25% reduction of the fees payed in their yearly tax returns, i.e. Out of every 10€ offered, 2.50€ will be deduced (in Madrid)
How to become a member?

Filling out this online form

In person at  Centro Asociativo Pedro Zerolo,

By email to:  o

By phone:+34  915230070 (M-Th 5-9 p.m. ; Fr. 6-21 p.m.; Sat. 6-8 p.m.)