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We meet every Tuesday (except holidays) from 6 p.m to 8 p.m.  in COGAM’s Assembly Room.
For further information or contact, please email  «» or call +34 91 523 00 70 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Monday to Friday

                                  SENIOR GROUP PROGRAM
The Senior Group Program targets LGBT+ population with no fixed age limits, but included in this broad category. It intends to be as inclusive as possible and answer to the needs of this group with the means the organization has at its disposal.
The program appeared as a result of the observation of the difficulties experienced by LGBT+ seniors due to the reduced incomes of many after retirement, as well as to the social and cultural exclusion affecting a good part of them.
Older people are often marginalized by other LGBT+ individuals due to an excessive worship of youth and beauty that results in manyfold ageism.
Our group intends to keep up active actions against all kinds of age discrimination and to contribute to older people’s visibility inside and outside the LGBT+ community.
Health problems are at the center of older people’s priorities, and therefore, the group will try to gather all relevant pertaining information to transmit to sanitary and administrative authorities, and furthermore it will organize educational activities for its members in order to solve specific LGBT+ senior problems and inform about healthy life habits allowing to maintain independence and sexuality, and keep depression at bay.
Traditionally, family has been the main support structure for older people, but LGBT+ people find themselves in a crossroads now: voluntary or involuntary estrangement from relatives due to prejudice, and the great generational gap affecting customs in Spain condemn many of them to solitude.
A great number of older LGBT+ people live alone and suffer from a severe loneliness that increases their physical and mental health problems.
Our aim is to foster socializing and interaction among individuals to knit a social network of personal links. Group meals, visits to significant places and regular meetings fulfill this function and structure an informal network of non professional mutual help.
Formative and informative activities
The Group organizes lectures, talks, workshops and outings with the goal of entertaining, informing and educating on subjects of interest for the community.
Volunteer work
The Senior Group is a part of COGAM and shares the same regulations applying to all other groups of the organization.


+ info:  or through COGAM’s LGBT+ information service: +34 91 523 00 70